The company focuses on the quality of products, modern control of the manufacturing process, competence and long-term experience to ensure high quality of products.

Sparkling wine is produced according to one of the most popular methods of production across Western Europe – the Charmat method. Using this method, sparkling wine is aged in large pressurised tanks. The company applies the multi-step quality control system in the production of ITALIANA LT sparkling wines.

  • Prior to the second stage of fermentation, where wine is transformed into sparkling wine, raw material wine is tested in organoleptic (by the degustation of flavours and aromatic properties) and chemical means, in order to guarantee the compliance of all necessary properties of sparkling wine.
  • In the second stage of fermentation, sparkling wine is regularly tested for quality process parameters.
  • Finally, before bottling, sparkling wine is tasted again to assess the optimum quality and the taste and aromatic properties.