Flavoured sparkling fermented beverage made according to the unique recipe. MONSERAT sparkling beverages – it is all about the Italian pretence and luxury. These sparkling drinks stand out for great quality and luxurious taste, pure fruit and nut flavours typical for wine, and a long-lasting mild aftertaste.


MONSERAT SEMI DRY is a drink with extraordinary taste with a pleasant aftertaste revealing itself in the playfulness of bubbles. It is perfectly suited to a variety of snacks, fruits, desserts or just plain, as an appetizer.

Capacity 750 ml.

Alc. 8% vol.


MONSERAT DRY is a fermented beverage with a classic and unfading muscat grape variety aroma, rich flavour and a long-lasting mild aftertaste. Playful dancing bubbles in MONSERAT will be perfect with a variety of snacks, fruits, and desserts or just plain as an appetizer.

Capacity 750 ml.

Alc. 8% vol.

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